T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers
T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers
T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers
T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers
T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers
T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers

T5/T6 stance+ ultra coilovers

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The Stance+ Ultra ride height adjustable Coilover suspension kits allow a max lowering from 30mm-90mm (most applications). The units are made from Steel and zinc plated to help weather protection. The kits are made exclusively for Stance+ and are meticulously inspected throughout the build process ensuring you get the very best quality suspension possible.

Each Coilover has been designed to ride firmer than the factory fitted suspension. The damping is approximately 25%-30% stiffer and gives a firm yet forgiving ride quality. The dampers are oil filled and gas assisted which gives a more refined ride quality. The Stance+ Ultra Coilover dampers use NOK oil seals for improved damper life. The springs are powder coated black and the kits also benefits from built in bump stops, helper springs and shorter piston rods which also help provide a smoother ride.

By fitting one of our Stance+ Ultra Coilover kits you will notice huge improvements in the handling and the on-road performance of your car. Not only will the car be lower but it will also handle a lot better than the standard O.E suspension. Your car will corner flatter and feel more predictable through fast sweeping bends. With the reduction in body roll the car will change direction quicker and feel far more agile and responsive. The Stance+ Ultra Coilovers have been designed for road use but they can be used for occasional track days. The ride height setting is down to you. Set the car up with a moderate drop for fast road or wind them down super low for urban cruising, the choice is yours. The shock absorbers are tuned for each individual application giving premium a more refined ride quality. We also include shorter drop links in these kits where needed.

If you are looking for a superb quality, superior handling ride height adjustable Coilover kit with a huge drop, then it has to be the Stance+ Ultra.

For safety reasons we strongly advise that all our kits are fitted by a qualified vehicle mechanic or trained vehicle technician.

Stance+ Ultra Coilover kit Features

  • Height adjustable from 30mm-90mm (most applications).
  • 25%-30% Up-rated shock absorber damping.
  • FUCH oil filled and gas assisted dampers for superior ride quality and performance.
  • FUCH damper oil is used for maximum lubricity and consistent damping.
  • NOK oil seals for improved damper life.
  • Short heavy duty hardened chrome piston rods.
  • Firm yet comfortable ride quality, suitable for fast road or mild track day use.
  • Coilover springs are high tensile, chrome silicon steel, shot peened for strength.
  • Coilover springs are powder coated for weather protection.
  • Helper springs are used (where necessary) to prevent spring dislocation when car is jacked up.
  • Built in Elastomer bump stops for durability.
  • Dual locking rings (most applications) anodised for weather protection.
  • Zinc Plated Anti-Corrosion Coilover Bodies.
  • Shortened drop links supplied where needed.
  • 24 Month warranty.
Front Lowering 30-110mm
Rear Lowering 30-100mm
Front Axle Weight 1710kg
Rear Axle Weight 1720kg
Warranty 2 Year