Diesel system cleansing and lubricant treatment.

Diesel system cleansing and lubricant treatment.

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Powerful Anti-Friction Treatment for all Diesel systems:

Is an oil based product that decreases friction between parts by 90%.

It has high power detergency capabillities and increases fuel Cetane levels .

Cleans the fuel system, lubricates and protects, achieving a reduction in fuel consumption and wear between the component parts.

Reduces contamination (smoke, CO, HC, DPM, NOx y SO2).

Eliminates the sulphur effect of diesel.

Improves combustion.

Used as a Pre-MOT treatment.

Reduces fuel consumption.

Compatible with all diesel engines.

Recommended for all Diesel injection systems, including Direct Injection, Common Rail and Pump Injector.



In a light vehicle add 200ml in a quarter of a tank (around 15 liters).

Allow the engine to run until almost out of diesel which is enough to sufficiently clean and lubricate even those systems in a poor condition. 

After the powerful cleansing process is complete then continue the treatment with our Diesel Maintenance product.