T4 Faulkner springs
T4 Faulkner springs
T4 Faulkner springs
T4 Faulkner springs

T4 Faulkner springs

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T4 Faulkner rear springs 

These have to be the ultimate in springs for your T4! These come in a range of sizes to accommodate not only the ride hight but the weight of your van. 
It is often forgotten about the weight of the van plus the load plays a big roll in the ride stance and comfort. Having the ability to choose the length and rating gives you everything you need to achieve comfort and style. 

D Faulkner Springs are one of the largest suppliers of suspension springs in the UK and throughout the world. In our opinion these correctly rated springs with a gas damper set up is the best you will get on the market today! 

Sold in pairs 


Lowering guide:

  • 7" lowers 50mm,
  • 6" lowers 75mm,
  • 5" lowers 100mm,
  • 4.5" lowers 112mm,
  • 4" lowers 125mm.

Please note these are a aproximate ride height drops. Weight of the van and it’s load will always play a crucial part  

Rear axle weight Guide (empty van):

  • 800 van (swb only) = 1230kg
  • 1000 (swb+ lwb) = 1410kg
  • 1200 (swb+ lwb) = 1490kg