VW T4 5th gear upgrade

VW T4 5th gear upgrade

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Brand new 5th gear pair for Volkswagen T4 transporter 5 speed gearboxes.

The 27 teeth / 41 teeth, uprated 0.658 ratio provides better fuel economy.

Included is a replacement thrust washer for the driven gear that you will need.

1 x 5th gear 41 teeth (OE reference - 02Z 311 158A)

1 x 5th gear 27 teeth (OE reference - 02Z 311 361A)

1 x Thrust washer (Genuine OE 02Z 311 324)

The gears in this kit have been produced by an OEM manufacturer, ensuring that the quality and performance are of the highest standard for your transmission repair.

The gear sets fit both diesel and petrol models. This is a guide to let you know what changes to expect. Please note this an average guide across the rage as there is many different gearbox’s and rations. 

1.9D and 1.9TD in our opinion it’s best to get 0.658. This will save you 500 revs.

The only exception here is if you tweak the turbo and fuel to get power gains up to 90bhp and with this you can go for the 0.622 ratio. 

At 70mph you would expect to achieve 3000revs with the 0.658 upgrade. (Current revs @70mph 3500)

At 70mph you would expect 2500revs with the 0.622 upgrade.

2.4D and 2.5tdi in our opinion  it’s best to get 0.622


At 70mph you would expect to achieve 2500revs with the 0.622 upgrade. (Current revs @70mph 3000)

This upgrade is also good for all petrol engines. The drop in revs is different for each engine modal but a good average is 500 less revs at 70mph than you currently have.

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